CCSSA Constitution

Part One - Foundation Statements



The Council of Catholic School Superintendents of Alberta is a community of disciples leading and building Catholic education.



As lead educators in service of children and communities in Alberta, we provide a provincial perspective, discusses and initiates direction, and communicates the reason for Catholic Education and its value to society.


Values and Principles

In our role as servant-leaders in Catholic education:

In our relationships as a community of disciples:

We are dedicated to providing quality education and the principle of excellence; and therefore, we commit to collectively growing in knowledge and to making informed decisions based on shared research.


Part Two - Code of Ethics


"...your light must shine before all so that they may see goodness in your acts
and give praise to your heavenly Father." - St. Matthew 5:16

The Code of Ethics for members of the Council of Catholic School Superintendents of Alberta is to promote in its members a commitment to an ethic that inspires hope in and devotion to the principles of the Catholic faith as found in the Holy Gospels.

Accordingly, each member:


Part Three – Structure



  1. Members are employed as system education leaders directly associated with Catholic education in the province of Alberta, Northwest Territories or Yukon Territory and shall be as follows:
    1. Provide consultation, supervision or coordination of educational programs and services
    2. Possess a teaching certificate as defined under Section 94(1) (a) of the School Act
    3. Their employment contract provides that the employee falls outside the scope of the employer’s teacher-related collective agreement and as approved by their superintendent. (Appendix A – list of all member school districts).
  1. Membership in CCSSA shall be recognized when the names of those eligible are forwarded to the Executive.
  1. Associate membership, restricted to individuals directly associated with Catholic education in Alberta, Northwest Territories or Yukon Territory and shall be as follows:
  1. Hold educational administrative responsibilities, provide consultation, supervision or coordination of educational programs and servicesand are within the teachers’ collective agreement on whose behalf the ATA is bargaining and as approved by their superintendent.
  2. Possess a teaching certificate as defined under Section 94(1) (a) of the School Act
  3. System education leaders (as described above)
  4. The Executive Director of ACSTA.
  5. Other individuals as approved by the membership.

* Associate members may attend all meetings of CCSSA and participate in debate, but may not vote or hold office. Individuals wishing to become Associate members shall request in writing to the CCSSA Executive.

  1. Honorary membership may be granted by the CCSSA Executive to any individual who has rendered exemplaryservice to Catholic education in Alberta, Northwest Territories or Yukon Territory.

* Honorary members pay no fees and will not debate or vote. Membership is continuous.

  1. Life membership shall be bestowed on retired members in good standing at the time of their retirement.

* Life members shall have the same privileges as honorary members.


Executive shall be comprised of a President, Vice-President, Past-President, and Secretary-Treasurer.

The term of office for Executive is one (1) year. Elections are to be held annually at the first regular meeting of each school year. Notwithstanding the election process, as a general statement of recommendation it is encouraged that executive members progress through the positions on a year-by-year basis. – President, Vice-President and Secretary-Treasurer.

  1. President
    1. Call all meetings of CCSSA.
    2. Prepare the agenda of each meeting in consultation with the Executive.
    3. Solicit items for the agenda from membership.
    4. Chair all meetings of CCSSA.
    5. Fulfil the decisions of CCSSA.
    6. Present CCSSA Code of Ethics to new members.
    7. Act as official spokesperson and advocate for CCSSA.
    8. Act as liaison with Bishops and ACSTA.
    9. Attend meetings of the ACSTA Board of Directors.
  1. Vice-President
    1. Advise the President on CCSSA matters.
    2. Carry out the functions of the President in the absence of the President.
    3. Oversee the annual CCSSA retirement celebration.
    4. Facilitate the nomination for honorary and life members.
  1. Past-President
    1. Support the President on CCSSA matters.
    2. Facilitate Executive elections.
    3. Serve as the designated CCSSA representative to the Religious Education Network.
    4. In consultation with the Executive, review and revise the Constitution on an as needed basis in preparation for the membership’s consideration.
    5. Assume responsibility for identifying to the President new members in attendance at meetings.
  1. Secretary-Treasurer
    1. Advise the President on CCSSA matters.
    2. Take attendance at CCSSA meetings.
    3. Maintain and distribute accurate records of CCSSA meetings in the form of minutes, including the "CCSSA Initiatives and Business Arising from the Minutes" document.
    4. Oversee the Executive Director’s treasury role.
    5. Oversee the administration and regular updating of the CCSSA website.

Executive Director

The role of the Executive Director shall be to support the Executive of CCSSA in fulfilling their roles and responsibilities.  The Executive Director is a contract position. The contract shall be for two (2) years, and subject to review to determine renewal by the Executive on an annual basis.  At the May meeting the membership shall be advised of the Executive’s recommendation regarding the status of the Executive Director’s contract.

The Executive Director shall:

  1. Be appointed by the Executive.
  2. Provide services to the general membership of CCSSA as approved by CCSSA Executive.
  3. Create, distribute, and monitor invoices, statements, and receipts.
  4. Maintain accurate records and management of the finances of CCSSA.
  5. Prepare a financial statement for all CCSSA meetings.
  6. Ensure proper signing authorities for CCSSA business are maintained.
  7. Attend all meetings.
  8. Be a non-voting, ex-officio member of the Executive.
  9. Facilitate all aspects related to the administration of awards granted by CCSSA.
  10. Draft agendas for all meetings in preparation for Executive approval.
  11. Review all minutes in preparation for Executive’s distribution to the membership.
  12. Coordinate faith formation sessions.
  13. Ensure Masses are celebrated at CCSSA meetings, coordinating related details and finding a priest-celebrant.
  14. Organizing all details related to meeting management including, but not limited to, accommodations, venues, and meals for CCSSA meetings.
  15. Draft correspondence or reports that are required to fulfil the role of the Executive.
  16. Perform duties as outlined in the contract and other duties as assigned by the CCSSA Executive.

Procedure and Protocol

  1. Meetings
    1. Each meeting of CCSSA may contain a faith formation professional development component hosted by a jurisdiction as per the calendar prepared by the Executive Director.
    2. CCSSA meetings may begin with a celebration of the Mass.
    3. CCSSA shall meet at a minimum three (3) times per year.
    4. The September meeting will occur in Calgary, the November meeting will occur in Edmonton in conjunction with ACSTA AGM, and the Spring meeting will occur in Kananaskis in conjunction with SPICE/Blueprints.
    5. The September meeting shall be inclusive of the retirement celebration. 
    6. Executive elections shall occur at the September meeting.
    7. The Executive may convene special meetings by giving ten (10) days of notice to the membership.
    8. The quorum required for a meeting of CCSSA shall be fifteen voting members.
    9. In order for a motion to be successful, it must receive approval from two thirds (2/3) of the membership present at the meeting. 
  1. Fees
    1. Each year the fees for membership for the following year shall be set at the Spring meeting in Kananaskis.
  1. Amendment to the Constitution
    1. Proposals for amending the Constitution shall be circulated in writing to each member at least six (6) weeks prior to the September meeting.
    2. In order for an amendment to be successful, it must receive approval from two thirds (2/3) of the membership present at the meeting.
  1. Operating Procedures
    1. Robert's Rules of Order shall govern the conduct of each meeting of CCSSA.
    2. CCSSA does not have borrowing powers.
    3. Venues for CCSSA meetings shall be at the discretion of the Executive.
    4. Members whose retirement date falls prior to September 1 shall be honoured at the next retirement banquet.
    5. Gifts and flowers from CCSSA shall be at the discretion of the Executive.
    6. The requirements of compliance with the financial reporting provisions of the Societies Act of Alberta shall be fulfilled through the contracting of an outside accounting firm, in the event that a school jurisdiction does not volunteer its services in this regard.
    7. Signing authority shall be determined annually by the Executive at the September meeting.
  1. Strategic Priorities
    1. Strategic priorities for each school year will be determined at the September meeting as determined by the membership

Approved – September 19, 2016


Appendix A

CCSSA Member School Districts

Calgary RCSSD No. 1

Christ the Redeemer CSRD No. 3

Le Conseil scolaire FrancoSud No. 4

Conseil scolaire Centre-Est No. 3

Conseil scolaire Centre-Nord No. 2

Conseil scolaire du Nord-Ouest No. 1

East Central Alberta CSSRD No. 16

Edmonton CSSD No. 7

Elk Island CSRD No. 41

Evergreen CSRD No. 2

Fort McMurray RCSSD No. 32

Grande Prairie RCSSD No. 28

Greater St. Albert RCSSD No. 734

Holy Family CRD No. 37

Holy Spirit RCSRD No. 4

Lakeland RCSSD No. 150

Living Waters CRD No. 42

Lloydminster RCSSD No. 89

Medicine Hat CSRD No. 20

Red Deer CRD No. 39

St. Paul ERD No. 1

St. Thomas Aquinas RCSRD No. 38

Yellowknife Catholic Schools

Yukon Education (Catholic Schools)

24 total