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Religious Education Network



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REN Mission Statement:

The Religious Education Network works collaboratively to empower its members and the Catholic school communities they serve by

  • Fostering growth in knowledge, love and service of God

  • sharing expertise, experiences and faith

  • Identifying issues and concerns in Catholic education


 REN Vision Statement:

The Religious Education Network (REN) is a community of Catholic educators providing support and opportunities for collaboration.


The Religious Education Network (REN) originated around 1993 in response to an identified need among Catholic educators to connect with colleagues around the province.  Since that time, REN has established itself as a significant forum for collaboration and a vehicle for action in fulfilling the dual mandate of Catholic schools of teaching through the eyes of Faith in the Province of Alberta.

Member school jurisdictions provide philosophical, educational and financial support for the advancement of REN and its activities.

It is understood that REN communicates with and reports through the Council of Catholic School Superintendents of Alberta (CCSSA).  The following statements are intended to define REN’s membership, principles, mandate, and structure in its relationship to CCSSA in the important work of Catholic education in Alberta.


The Religious Education Network will be composed of:

  • One appointed representative from each Catholic School Board in the Province
  • One representative from each of the Dioceses
  • The Past President of CCSSA or member as appointed by the membership

Associate membership status may be extended to other groups, such as the Universities, the Religious Education and Moral Education Council of the ATA, and, subject to the approval of CCSSA, other institutions that offer religious education.


  • REN communicates, reports and acts through the Council of Catholic School Superintendents of Alberta (CCSSA).
  • REN is accountable to CCSSA in all matters that it addresses.
  • REN respects the decision-making authority of member school boards and the CCSSA.
  • REN is a network at the service of all participating Catholic school jurisdictions.
  • REN is sensitive and responsive to the needs of teachers, member boards, Bishops and school jurisdiction administrators.
  • REN is responsive to its mandate assuming an advisory role to its membership.
  • REN advocates equity and facilitates the active participation of its members by managing costs for attendance at meetings and activities. Participation costs and fees are borne by member boards.
  • REN has a collaborative and self-directed structure with an elected executive furthering administrative roles.



Under the leadership of CCSSA, REN will further the collective will of the Catholic community of Alberta to have Catholic education for all students.  In doing this work, REN will:

  • Provide a source of expertise and assistance to CCSSA in its role with respect to policy design, staff professional development, program and resource development, and evaluation.
  • Provide leadership in the design, implementation, delivery and evaluation for religious education programming.
  • Manage projects and priorities established by CCSSA.
  • Provide a forum for REN members to address the needs of religious education in Catholic schools.
  • Share promising practices taking place within member school jurisdictions.
  • Provide an opportunity for networking and mutual support for the efforts and plans of REN members and participating member boards.
  • Provide professional development opportunities for REN members.
  • Report regularly to CCSSA.
  • Perform other duties and functions as determined in consultation with CCSSA



  • The executive committee shall consist of four elected positions: a president, a vice president, a secretary, and a treasurer.
  • The president will be REN’s spokesperson when called to meet with CCSSA.
  • Except for the position of treasurer, executive committee members will hold office no longer than two years.  The treasurer will hold office no longer than four years, allowing for responsible fiscal continuity and accountability.
  • REN executive will determine the location and dates of meetings.
  • REN will meet two or three times annually to fulfill its mandate.
  • The executive committee may hold additional meetings as required.
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